Japanese Christmas Cake (クリスマスケーキ)

    Introduction to Japanese Christmas Cake

    These types of cakes are where we can see almost everywhere during the holiday season. Japanese Christmas Cake or Kurisimasu Keki is a holiday traditional sweet that is just a type of Japanese-style strawberry shortcake. It’s a fruitcake in whipped cream covered in sponge cake that is light as air, and not to mention, it’s not that too sweet unlike those other types of Christmas cakes. Well, of course, the usual Japanese confectionery, it’s not too sweet which is better for health-conscious people!

    The difference from the usual Strawberry Shortcake is the way it’s decorated using Christmas-themed designs such as Santas made from sugar, ribbons, and more. Strawberries portray an important role in the Japanese Christmas cake as well. Without these decorations, it is not Japanese Christmas Cake.

    What is the history of Japanese Christmas Cake?


    The history of the Christmas cake in Japan started in the Meiji period. In 1910, Fujiya, a European-style pastry shop in Tokyo’s port city of Yokohama, introduced the first Japanese Christmas cake. Japan’s first Christmas Cake was a cake with dried fruits and liquor coated cake with sugar syrup. At the beginning of the sale, the cake was very expensive food. Therefore, only the wealthy people could eat it but it was popular with customers. Since then, Fujiya spreads Christmas culture to the world.

    In addition, during World War II, Christmas was banned but it came back after the war in 1947. After the war, that was time that the whipped cream version of Japanese Christmas cake was introduced. The cream on the cake changed from buttercream to whipped cream. Buttercream could be stored at room temperature but since the refrigerator came, it made it possible to enjoy fresh cream cakes which is difficult to store at home before. Fresh cream with a lighter sweetness than buttercream is a big hit in the world and became an opportunity to further introduce the traditional cake to the country.

    How much is the cost of Japanese Christmas Cake?

    Japanese christmas cake prices

    It is given that starting December, the city will be in a Christmas mood. People are wondering how much will it cost to buy a Christmas cake? Well, Christmas cakes sell out quickly as early as 3 months from December so our recommendation is to book early.

    Additionally, the price of a Japanese cake is depending on the size. The recommended cake size is depending on how many people will eat the cake, so it’s better to choose the right size of your cake. Usually, people start eating the cake after eating rice. Therefore, most of the cake sizes bought are the size that is good for 4-8 people. These cakes start with the price of 2,000 yen for a basic Japanese Christmas shortcake. It is common for each size to increase by around 500 to 1,000 yen.

    The more complicated the process, the higher the price. For example, such as chocolate cakes and tart, or those Japanese Christmas cakes that have loads of decorations. In addition, prices also vary depending on the number of decorations and the number of characters you draw, so it’s better to consult before ordering.

    What are the other types of Japanese Christmas Cake?

    Japanese Christmas Cake variation

    Down below is the list of popular Japanese Christmas cakes and sweets that can be delivered at home.

    Cream based Japanese Christmas cake

    Christmas cake with fresh cream

    The fresh cream looks pure and it is white as snow. It is perfect for Christmas, which is the winter season. Additionally, with a fluffy sponge dough covered in a softly baked fresh cream and, children will also love this cake.

    Chocolate-based Japanese Christmas cake

    Chocolate-based Japanese Christmas cake

    This brown-colored flavor has a rich taste cake that is perfect for an adult Christmas gathering since it is another type of flavor there is a taste of bitterness in sweetness.

    Buche de Noel

    Buche de Noel

    It is a traditional French confectionery, a wood-fired roll cake. Bush means “firewood” and Noel means “Christmas”. Anyone can enjoy unique designs with combinations and decorations of materials.

    Japanese Christmas fruitcake

    Japanese Christmas fruitcake

    Pastry shops offer a variety of Japanese Christmas cakes, not just the classic fresh cream one. There are also fruitcakes made with plenty of strawberries, berries, and other types o fruits that are colorful where you can enjoy theirs juiciness. In addition, there is also a cheesecake and ice cream cake type that is perfect for the holidays.

    Japanese Ice Cream Cake

    Gelato cake or also called as ice cream is also offered during holiday season. This frozen dessert is perfect to enjoy in a warm room. Ice cream cakes are delicious and mouth-watering that the creaminess melts in your mouth perfectly. In addition, with its good appearance and decoration, this is also something that children would definitely love to eat!

    What are the ingredients of Japanese Christmas cake?

    Introduction to japanese christmas cake

    Japanese Christmas cake is popular during the holiday season. It is usually sold out just a few months before Christmas and sometimes hard to buy most especially if it’s close to Christmas day. In addition, making your own Japanese Christmas cake is actually easy. And I’m sure even your children will like this cake. Plenty of strawberries and fresh cream sandwiched between fluffy sponge dough will surely make your Christmas even more exciting.

    Size: 18cm Sponge cake

    For cake & syrup:
    Cake flour90g
    Milk1 tbsp
    Kirsch1 tbsp
    For finishing:
    Fresh cream 400 ml
    Strawberry 20 pcs large (450g)
    Powdered sugar
    Baking paper 1 circle, 1 for side (1 sheet each)
    Christmas ornaments, decorations
    Icing bag and tip

    What is the recipe of Japanese Christmas Cake?

    Prepare the dough

    Before preparing the dough, start warming the oven to 160 °C. Place the oven paper on the bottom and sides of the mold.

    Beat the egg

    Place the egg in a large bowl and lightly beat it with a hand mixer at low speed. Add sugar and mix for about 30 seconds. Put this in a water bath and whisk for 1-2 minutes.

    Milk and butter

    On a separate bowl, add milk to the butter, put it in a water bath. Add the cake flour while mixing. Scoop the dough with a spatula and gently remove it.

    Pour the mixture and bake

    When the mixture becomes finer, pour it into the mold at once. Bake in an oven warmed to 160 ° C for about 23 minutes. Remove from the oven. Stick a bamboo stick in the center and check if the dough comes along. When it cools, remove it from the mold. Turn it over and peel off the paper.

    Making a syrup

    For the syrup, add hot water to sugar to dissolve, allow to cool. Select 8 pieces of Strawberries and slice it vertically to decorate on top and the rest is sandwiched between them.

    For the cream

    Whisk the cream. Add sugar to fresh cream and whisk while cooling the bottom of the bowl with ice water.

    Decorate the cake

    Slice across horizontally into 3 even slices. Add Kirsch to the chilled syrup, brush the sponge dough below with a generous amount of syrup. spread evenly with half of the strawberry and cream mixture. Place the middle layer on the top and repeat. Finish with the top layer, add cream and cover the strawberries completely, use an icing bag to decorate.

    Transfer and you’re done!

    Scoop it with a knife and transfer it to the cake plate. Sprinkle powdered sugar for a snow design. Decorate the Christmas ornaments and it’s done. Don’t forget to share it with your family and friends during the holiday season!

    What are the recommended shops?

    cake for sale

    Matsuzakaya Ueno store

    Matsuzakaya Ueno store has been in business for more than 240 years. Anybody from children to elderly people can enjoy this department store. It has a snack section with local snacks and popular brand snacks. In addition, they have Japanese Christmas cakes with basic decorations and they also have a variety called Muskmelon Noel, it is a cake that is wrapped around with a melon-flavored roll sponge, white chocolate mousse with mango, and melon mousse.

    Address: 3-29-5 Ueno, Taito, Tokyo 110-8503
    Business Hours: 10:00 – 20:00
    Contact number: +81 3-3832-1111
    Price Range: classic cakes starts at 4,500 yen

    Daimaru Umeda

    It is one of Japan’s oldest department store chains and its location in Umeda, Osaka’s business district, is conveniently located next to the city’s train hub. There you can find cakes like Chocolat a La Pistarsh, bittersweet chocolate cake with pistachios. Additionally, strawberry tiramisu with Santa dome design, Strawberry Christmas Tart, and Mont Blanc Tart, that is made with chestnuts from Osaka.

    Address: 530-8202 Osaka3-1-1 Umeda, Kita-Ku
    Business Hours: 10:00 – 20:30
    Contact number: +81 6-6343-1231
    Price Range: from 3,000 yen

    Arnaud Larher Paris

    It is a small pastry shop that has 3 stores in Paris and one in Tokyo. “Le Berlingo” is one of the world’s most prestigious patisserie. Additionally, it’s a Christmas cake with a Japanese touch arrangement that focuses on the original flavor where you can enjoy the rich pistachio flavor.

    Address: 5-19-9 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
    Business Hours: 11:00 – 18:00
    Contact number: 050-5597-9733
    Website: http://www.arnaudlarher.jp/


    This is a website in which customer places an order for a cake designed for various occasion, complete the payment in advance, and have it delivered to the doorstep. Moreover, they have a lot of Japanese Christmas cakes such as limited cheesecake in a jewelry boxes, rare Christmas cheese, Noel Chocolat Rouge (Chocolate Mousse with Strawberry Puree), Unicorn Christmas Cake, Gimmick Christmas Cake, Christmas ice cream cake strawberry flavor, light blue tiara Christmas cake, and much more! Their cake designs are too cute to eat!

    Website: http://www.cake.jp
    Price Range: Japanese Christmas cakes start from 2,000 yen
    Postage fee: flat rate 1,100 yen (if the delivery destination is a remote island, the amount may differ)


    Japanese Christmas Cake

    In conclusion, strawberry shortcakes are by far the most popular cakes to get in December. However, even you’re not into Strawberries and cream, you still can go after different variations of Christmas-themed cakes. Such as the other fruitcakes, chocolate cakes or cheesecakes, and more to make your Christmas more special. In addition, Christmas in Japan is kind of different from other countries. It is not a national or religious holiday in Japan or even a family occasion. Rather, it is the most romantic day of the year for lovers. It’s a bit like Valentine’s Day.

    Moreover, the other most exciting during the Christmas season in Japan are the winter illuminations and high demands for KFC buckets as it is one of the famous Christmas foods in Japan. It is definitely hard not to be amazed by the season’s mouthwatering special fried chicken and of course, the delightful and delicious Japanese Christmas cakes during the holiday season in most of the pastry shops in Japan.

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