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    Sendai Ramen (仙台ラーメン)

    Sendai Ramen

    If you are a fan of ramen, you might want to try Sendai Ramen, a local dish from the city of Sendai in Miyagi Prefecture. This article will introduce you to the history and features of this delicious noodle soup that is flavored with soy sauce or miso and topped with various ingredients. You will also find some recommended shops where you can enjoy Sendai Ramen and experience the unique taste of Tohoku region. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about this traditional Japanese dish that has been popular for a long time.

    Introduction of Sendai Ramen

    Sendai Ramen has been produced in the area where the city of Sendai now stands since the time of Date Masamune in the early 17th century. There are numerous ramen restaurants in Sendai based on the traditional miso flavour. Among them, you can try hot miso paste, this is very popular. Miso can also be adjusted according to your personal taste or liking.
    Sapporo Ramen is famouse as Miso soup ramen.

    Sendai Ramen

    Where is Sendai?

    Sendai is a city in the Tohoku region of Japan. It is the capital of Miyagi Prefecture and is located on the eastern coast of Honshu Island. Sendai is approximately 350 kilometers (217 miles) north of Tokyo, Japan’s capital city.

    sendai city map

    Sendai is a city with a population of around 1 million people, making it the largest city in the Tohoku region. It is known for its greenery, cleanliness, and friendly atmosphere. The city is also recognized as a hub of culture, education, and technology in the region.

    Sendai is also known for its food, especially its beef tongue, called “gyutan” in Japanese. The city has many restaurants that specialize in gyutan, and it is a must-try dish for visitors to the area.

    What is Sendai Ramen?

    Sendai ramen is a traditional Japanese noodle soup dish that originated in the city of Sendai in Miyagi Prefecture. The dish consists of Chinese-style wheat noodles served in a meat, or occasionally fish, broth or soup. Sendai ramen is usually flavored with soy sauce or miso and topped with sliced pork, dried seaweed, kamaboko, and green onions. Almost every area in the city has its own variation of this dish.

    Sendai Ramen

    How sendai ramen made?

    Sendai Ramen

    Ramen soup is generally made from a broth based on either chicken or pork. This broth is then combined with various ingredients according to the recipe used by each restaurant. These ingredients may include kombu (seaweed), katsuobushi (flakes of skipjack tuna), niboshi (dried baby sardines), beef bones, shiitake mushrooms, and onions. The soup is then flavored by adding salt, miso or soy sauce. Other newer styles have emerged, including a curry version of Sendai ramen.

    The best places in Sendai to try Sendai Ramen for yourself!

    Sendai Ramen

    Lamendo Sendaikko Sendai Ekimae

    There are many ramen shops that show individuality while following the traditions of this dish. One such restaurant is “Lamendo Sendaikko Sendai Ekimae”. This restaurant group has 13 ramen shops throughout Miyagi Prefecture, including some in Sendai City. This restaurant uses a rich sauce made from pork bones and soy sauce. This soup is easy to eat with the thick, sticky noodles. When you place your order, you can specify the amount you want and the taste you prefer, and the individuality of this ramen shop is shown in this level of service.

    The location of this restaurant is 1-8-38 AK Building 1F, Chuo Aoba Ward, Sendai City, Miyagi. They are open from 11am until 2am every day. The prices start from 690 yen and when you order Sendai Ramen you have the additional option of free rice.


    The restaurant is decorated in a Japanese style and is known for its variety and jumbo portions. The ramen has a rich broth that remains tasty even after it cools, and the sliced meat melts in your mouth, contrasting with the crunchy and chewy dried seaweed. If you are feeling more adventurous, try the chili oil or chili paste to spice up your meal. Another option to try is the Kanitama Yakisoba, made from egg and crab meat, along with vegetables and mushrooms, it tastes delicious.

    The restaurant is located at 1-215 Sorarapuraza, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi. They are open daily from 11.30am until 3.30pm for lunch service and 5.45pm until 9.45pm for evening service. The last orders are taken at 9.15pm.


    This is a halal style ramen restaurant located in Sendai. It is their third ramen shop to open in the city. In addition to ramen, they also serve halal cow-tongue dishes along with other Japanese style set menus.

    The restaurant is open daily from 11.30am until 11pm. It is located at June Palace 101, 2-29 Showamachi, Aoba Ku, Sendai, Miyagi.

    Sendai Ramen

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