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    Shizuoka is a prefecture located in the Chūbu region of Honshu, Japan’s main island. It is situated along the Pacific Ocean coast and features Suruga Bay formed by the Izu Peninsula, and Lake Hamana which is considered to be one of Japan’s largest lakes. The capital of Shizuoka Prefecture is Shizuoka City and its largest city is Hamamatsu .

    Shizuoka Prefecture is sometimes referred to as Japan’s riviera. It is home to Mount Fuji, Japan’s highest mountain and one of the country’s most iconic symbols . The prefecture is also known for its tea production, which is its most famous product.

    In terms of food, Shizuoka has a lot to offer. According to GaijinPot Travel, some famous foods from Shizuoka include green tea, sakura ebi (sakura shrimp), oden, gyoza, and wasabi .

    Green tea is a major product of Shizuoka, which produces over 40 percent of the green tea grown in the entire country. Several varieties of quality green tea are grown here, fed by the region’s tea-friendly topography, climate and spring water.

    Sakura ebi (sakura shrimp) are tiny shrimp that are caught only in Yui Harbor and Oigawa Harbor in Shizuoka. They are famous for their delicate sweetness and are only caught twice a year.

    Oden is a typical Japanese comfort food that is especially popular during the winter months. Shizuoka has its own unique version of oden that is served on a stick and has a robustly flavored dashi made with beef tendon stock and strong soy sauce.

    Gyoza (pan-fried dumplings) are also popular in Shizuoka, particularly in Hamamatsu city which is famous for its version of this izakaya (Japanese pub) staple.

    These are just some examples of the delicious foods that you can try when visiting Shizuoka. The prefecture has a rich food culture and there are many more local specialties to discover.