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    Best Ramen in Tokyo: Your 2024 Guide

    Mitsuyado Ramen 出典:Mitsuyado Ramenサイト

    Ramen, a Japanese culinary icon, has captured hearts and taste buds worldwide. Tokyo, Japan’s culinary capital, boasts a vibrant ramen scene, with countless shops offering their unique takes on this beloved dish. In 2024, get ready to slurp your way through the best ramen Tokyo has to offer as we uncover hidden gems and renowned establishments on this culinary journey.

    About Ramen

    Ramen, a beloved Japanese dish, is a noodle soup with a rich history and diverse regional variations. It has become a global culinary phenomenon, captivating food enthusiasts worldwide with its complex flavors and comforting warmth.

    What is Ramen?

    Ramen typically consists of Chinese-style wheat noodles served in a flavorful broth, often made from meat or fish. Chefs top it with various ingredients like sliced pork (chashu), dried seaweed (nori), bamboo shoots (menma), and green onions (negi). The broth, however, is the heart and soul of ramen, with regional variations like Tokyo’s shoyu (soy sauce) ramen, Sapporo’s miso ramen, and Hakata’s tonkotsu (pork bone) ramen.

    Tokyo-style ramen, also known as chuka soba (中華そば), is distinct for its clear, soy sauce-based broth, often combining chicken and fish stock. The noodles are typically thin and slightly curly, offering a delicate texture that contrasts with the richness of the broth. Common toppings include chashu, menma, negi, and sometimes a sheet of nori or a boiled egg.

    Moreover, ramen serves as a canvas for culinary creativity. Chefs experiment with different types of noodles, broths, toppings, and seasonings to create their unique signature bowls. The possibilities are endless, making ramen a dish you can enjoy repeatedly without ever getting bored.

    History of Ramen

    Ramen’s roots trace back to China, where noodle soups have been a staple for centuries. However, ramen didn’t reach Japan until the late 19th century, initially appearing in Chinese restaurants in Yokohama’s Chinatown. By the early 20th century, ramen gained popularity in Tokyo, thanks to the 1910 opening of Rairaiken in Asakusa. Rairaiken often receives credit for establishing the foundation of modern ramen, introducing elements like chashu and menma as toppings.

    Over the years, ramen has evolved and diversified, with each region developing its own unique style. Today, ramen is a beloved national dish in Japan, with countless variations to suit every taste. From traditional recipes passed down through generations to innovative creations pushing the boundaries of flavor, ramen continues to be a source of culinary inspiration and delight.

    Best Ramen Restaurants in Tokyo

    Get ready to slurp your way through Tokyo’s vibrant ramen scene with these must-visit restaurants in 2024:

    Ramenya Toy Box

    Ramenya Toy Box Instant Shouyu Ramen
    出典: Twitter

    Ramenya Toy Box is a popular ramen shop located just 2 minutes from Minowa-bashi Station on the Toden Arakawa Line and Minowa Station on the Hibiya Line. Their signature “Shoyu Ramen” is a rich broth made from five types of chicken, including Aizu Jidori and Nagoya Cochin, blended with raw soy sauce and aged soy sauce. The chicken oil used to flavour the broth adds depth to the umami of the chicken. Ramenya Toy Box has won the Michelin Tokyo Bib Gourmand Award several times and has been listed in the Tabelog Ramen Top 100 for seven consecutive years.

    Address: 1 Chome-1-3 Higashinippori, Arakawa City, Tokyo 116-0014
    Phone Number: +81364583664
    Hours Open:
    Wednesday – Friday/ 11:00–15:00,18:00–21:00
    Saturday – Sunday/ 11:00–15:00
    (Close on Monday, Tuesday)

    Mitsuyado Ramen 出典:Mitsuyado Ramenサイト

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