Kuzuyu (葛湯) 


    Kuzuyu (葛湯) is a traditional Japanese beverage with a rich history that goes back many centuries. It has a unique taste and is believed to offer health benefits. In this article, we will explore its origins, how it’s made, and its role in Japanese cuisine. Whether you’re a fan of Japanese food or just curious about new flavors, Kuzuyu is an interesting and tasty part of Japanese culture that you should know about.

    What is Kuzuyu?

    What is kuzu powder (kuzuko)?

    Kuzu powder, or kuzuko, is a white starch powder obtained from the kudzu root. In its purest form, it consists of 100% kudzu starch powder, often labeled as “Honkudzu.” This authentic kuzu powder is highly regarded for its medicinal properties and culinary uses.

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    Definition of Kuzuyu

    Kuzuyu is a cozy, thick drink created by blending kuzu powder (kuzuko) with hot water. People love it for its soothing warmth. While “Honkudzu” is the fancy version, many store-bought kuzuyu options mix kudzu with potato starch. Homemade kuzuyu, made with potato starch, provides the same comforting feeling. Whether you pick the real deal “Honkudzu” or an easier choice, kuzuyu holds a special place in Japanese culture, particularly during chilly times of the year.

    Kuzuyu itself has a mild flavor, but seasoning plays a key role. Adding sugar makes it sweeter, resembling Japanese sweets, and it’s useful when you have a small appetite or can’t eat much. Sometimes, ingredients like ginger, known for warming the body, are cooked with it to enhance its warming effect. You can also mix in citrus juice for a refreshing twist or even add ice for a different texture. The beauty of Kuzuyu lies in its versatility, allowing you to savor various flavors and styles through different preparations.

    Health Benefits of Kuzuyu

    Kuzuyu offers various health benefits and can be beneficial if you experience specific symptoms. Here’s how Kuzuyu can help:

    • Fatigue: Kuzuyu’s warming effect can relieve fatigue, especially when it’s more pronounced in the morning.
    • Mental instability: It can help stabilize your mood and reduce restlessness and anxiety.
    • Digestive abnormalities: it may ease digestive issues like loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain.
    • Increased energy and focus: this beverage can boost your energy and concentration.
    • Stress relief: It may help manage stress and emotional frustration.
    • Improved digestion: Kuzuyu aids in digestion and regulates intestinal function.
    • Balanced cravings: Kuzuyu can curb excessive cravings for salt, sugar, caffeine, and spices.
    • Heart health: It may promote cardiovascular health by lowering cholesterol levels and improving blood flow.
    • Better sleep: Kuzuyu can aid in a good night’s sleep.
    • Menstrual symptoms: It may alleviate premenstrual syndrome (PMS).
    • Skin health: Kuzuyu can contribute to healthier skin.
    • Blood flow: It’s beneficial for those looking to improve blood circulation and alleviate coldness and stiff shoulders.
    • Weight management: It can assist in weight control and fat absorption.
    • Bone health: Kuzuyu may help strengthen bones.
    • Menopause: It supports hormonal balance and can alleviate menopausal symptoms.

    Kuzuyu’s goodness lies in its versatility, with various flavors and preparation methods available, such as adding sugar, ginger, or citrus juice. However, it’s important not to consume excessive isoflavones, with the recommended daily intake being 70-75 mg.


    The origin of Kuzu

    Kuzu, also known as kudzu, originated in China and has a rich history in traditional Chinese medicine. This plant, scientifically named Pueraria lobata, belongs to the pea family and has been used for centuries across Asia, including Japan, Korea, and India.

    In Japan, people have been consuming kuzu since ancient times, with records of its use dating back to the Heian period (794-1185). Over the years, refining techniques improved, making it easier to enjoy delicious dishes and beverages made with kuzu.

    Furthermore, kuzu has found its way into various aspects of Japanese cuisine and traditional remedies. Its versatility and numerous applications in both cooking and natural medicine have made it a beloved ingredient in Asian cultures. Today, it continues to play a vital role in a wide range of dishes, desserts, and health practices.

    History of Kuzuyu

    Kuzuyu has a history dating back to ancient China, where it was initially used as a form of medicine. Even today, there exists a Chinese medicinal beverage called Kuzune-yu, which bears a resemblance to Kuzu-yu. In Japan, its consumption dates back to the Heian period, and it has been mentioned in literature. Over time, refining techniques have improved, making it easier to enjoy delicious Kuzuyu. While it can certainly be relished as a Japanese sweet, its medicinal roots persist, often being consumed when unwell. Kuzuyu can also be combined with other medicinal ingredients, making it a popular choice for improving one’s health.

    Kuzuyu Q&A

    When is the best time to drink Kuzuyu?

    Kuzuyu is often consumed during the colder months, as it provides warmth and comfort. It’s especially popular when people are feeling under the weather or experiencing cold symptoms. However, you can enjoy it year-round as a soothing beverage.

    Can Kuzuyu be used as a remedy for specific health issues?

    Yes, it is considered beneficial for various health concerns. It may help alleviate symptoms such as fatigue, digestive problems, and mental instability. Some people use it to relieve PMS (premenstrual syndrome), improve skin condition, and even prevent obesity due to its unique properties.

    Are there any precautions when consuming Kuzuyu?

    While Kuzuyu offers several health benefits, it’s essential to consume it in moderation. Excessive intake may lead to undesirable effects. Additionally, if you have allergies or specific dietary restrictions, check the ingredients of commercial products, as some may contain additives or starches other than kuzu powder.

    How to make Kuzuyu?

    Simple and delicious recipe

    Prepare the Ingredients
    • In a heat-resistant cup, measure out the desired amount of Kuzuyu.
    • Add 10 ml of room-temperature water to the cup with the Kuzuyu.
    Dissolve the Kuzuyu:

    Use a spoon or a stirrer to thoroughly mix and dissolve the Kuzuyu in the water. Ensure there are no lumps.

    Add Hot Water

    Carefully pour the specified amount of hot water into the cup.


    Quickly stir the mixture vigorously. Make sure to blend it well, so there are no clumps.

    Check Consistency

    Observe the texture of the Kuzuyu. It should become translucent and slightly thickened.
    If the consistency appears too thin or slightly cloudy, place the cup in a microwave set to 500W for 20 seconds.

    Stir Again

    After microwaving, remove the cup carefully and stir the Kuzuyu once more to achieve the perfect texture.


    Your Kuzuyu is now ready to be enjoyed. Sip and savor its comforting flavor and soothing qualities.

    Variations of Delicious Kuzuyu

    Kuzuyu is naturally delicious when made with just hot water. However, you can get creative and make your own unique Kuzuyu variations. Here are some recommended options:

    1. Milk Tea Kuzuyu:
      • Mix 10g of Milk Kuzuyu and 10g of Black Tea Kuzuyu with 100ml of water.
    2. Royal Milk Tea Kuzuyu:
      • Combine 10g of Milk Kuzuyu and 10g of Black Tea Kuzuyu with 120ml of warm milk.
      • Warm the milk, add it to the mixture, and stir well. Microwave for 30 seconds, then stir again for a delightful flavor.
    3. Chai Kuzuyu:
      • Mix 10g of Milk Kuzuyu and 10g of Cinnamon Kuzuyu with 100ml of water.
    4. Matcha Latte:
      • Combine 10g of Milk Kuzuyu and 10g of Matcha Kuzuyu with 100ml of water.
    5. Sencha Ginger (Refreshing Taste for Early Summer):
      • Mix 10g of Ginger Kuzuyu and 10g of Sencha Kuzuyu with 100ml of water.
      • The ginger’s spiciness becomes mild, and the Sencha provides a refreshing herbal note.
    6. Sakura Matcha (Flavor of Cherry Blossom Viewing):
      • Blend 14g of Sakura Kuzuyu and 6g of Matcha Kuzuyu with 100ml of water.
      • This combination offers a sweet and slightly salty taste reminiscent of Matcha yokan (sweet jelly).

    Restaurants/ Stores

    If you’re looking to buy Kuzuyu, a comforting drink with a thick texture, you have a few convenient options:

    Kuzu no yakata (葛の館)

    Kuzu no yakata offers high-quality pure white kudzu powder. It’s perfect for making kuzuyu, enhancing porridge, or enriching miso soup. This shop is known for its delicious kuzukiri dessert. They also sell kudzu-based souvenirs, similar to those found at the local medicinal herb garden. If you’re in Ouda, don’t miss the chance to savor the flavors and traditions of kuzu.

    Address: 3 Oudanishiyama, Uda, Nara
    Phone number: 0745873011
    Business hours: 09:00–17:00 (close on Wednesdays)
    Website: http://www.morino-kuzu.com/


    You can find Kuzuyu in popular supermarket chains like Ito-Yokado, Aeon, Saiyu, Daiei, Summit, Life, Ishii Seijo, and Costco.

    Drug Stores and Pharmacies

    Look for Kuzuyu in drugstores such as Matsukiyo, Welcia, Sun Drug, Tsuruha, Cocokara Fine, Sugi Pharmacy, Cosmos, Create, Kawachi Pharmacy, Hack Express, and Sames.

    Convenience Stores

    Some convenience stores also stock Kuzuyu, especially during colder seasons.

    If you can’t find Kuzuyu in local stores, consider buying it online. Both Amazon and Rakuten offer a wide range of Kuzuyu products, including top-quality options and popular brands. Details about Kuzuyu online shopping below.

    Online shopping

    For those who want to order or buy kuzuyu in Japan, you can mail it to your home online on Rakuten. You can check out some shops that sell Yoshino Kuzu via Rakuten by clicking below.

    And for those who want to order or buy but live away from Japan. You can ship them from Rakuten by following the steps below. Rakuten offers International Shipping Service, so do not worry about how to receive your items. Rakuten Global Express is an online shopping service that allows users to shop at stores in Japan.

    Sign up

    First, you need a Rakuten ID. If you are already a Rakuten member, you can start using Rakuten Global Express. If you have not registered yet, click here.

    Get your personal RGX address

    After signing up, you will get a Japanese address: a Rakuten Global Express address.

    Shop at stores in Japan

    Now that you get yourself a personal RGX address (Rakuten Global Express address). You can shop online in Japan, click here to shop for Karashi (not only Rakuten but other online stores are also included).

     When you have decided on your items, set the delivery address to your Rakuten Global Express address.

    Confirm items

    After items are shipped to the RGX address, they will be packed into one package. You also receive an email upon confirming these items and payment.

    Once the payment is confirmed, your package will be delivered within a designated period depending on your shipping choice.


    In conclusion, Kuzuyu is more than just a warm, comforting beverage, it’s a drink with numerous health benefits. From its ability to soothe cold symptoms to its positive effects on digestion and immunity, Kuzuyu is a versatile and nutritious choice. Whether you enjoy it in its traditional form or explore creative variations, this ancient remedy continues to be a cherished part of Japanese culture. So, next time you seek warmth, relaxation, or improved well-being, consider brewing a cup of Kuzuyu, it might be just what you need!

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