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    Nagasaki Milk Shake (長崎 ミルクセーキ)

    Nagasaki Milk Shake with box of tissue

    Explore the delicious world of Nagasaki Milk Shake, a frozen delight that has become a local favourite in Nagasaki City, Japan. Originating as a solution to beat the summer heat, this sweet treat has evolved into a must-try dessert, loved by both residents and visitors. With its simple yet diverse ingredients, Nagasaki Milkshake offers a unique taste experience that reflects the charm of Nagasaki’s culinary heritage.

    What is Nagasaki Milk Shake?

    Nagasaki Milk Shake with cherry toppings and wooden spoon beside it

    Nagasaki’s local treat, the Milkshake, is a special kind of shaved ice that originated from the British drink called “eggnog,” made with eggs and milk. Typically, a milkshake in Britain involves mixing milk with eggs and sugar, while in America, made with ice cream instead of eggs. Both terms are used broadly for drinks prepared by stirring with a shaker or mixer. Contrary to common milkshakes, Nagasaki’s version isn’t a liquid drink; it’s a delightful summer sweet resembling a sorbet. It’s crafted with eggs, sugar, and condensed milk. Served in a glass akin to a cream melon soda, this treat boasts a charming retro look, topped with a bright red cherry for an extra touch of cuteness.

    What is a Milkshake?

    milkshakes with sprinkles and cherry on top

    A milkshake is a chilly beverage created by mixing milk, ice cream, and various tasty ingredients like butterscotch, caramel sauce, chocolate syrup, fruit syrup, whole fruit, and other sweeteners. Some people use plant-based milk like almond milk, coconut milk, or soy milk instead of regular cow’s milk. The idea of milkshakes started in America during the early 1900s and gained popularity with the use of electric mixers. Ice cream shops, popular hangouts for young people, played a big role in making milkshakes a common and trendy drink in youth culture.

    Nagasaki Milk Shake History

    Two milkshakes from Nagasaki with teaspoon

    “Nagasaki Milkshake” is a frosty treat born in Nagasaki City during the transition from the Taisho to the Showa period. Legend has it that the initial coffee shop in Kyushu, known as “Tsuru-chan,” whipped up this chilled delight with crushed ice, aiming to provide relief from Nagasaki’s summertime heat. The popularity of this concoction soared, leading to numerous shops across the city embracing the trend.

    Today, this delightful creation has gained nationwide recognition as Nagasaki’s beloved “edible milkshake.” Originating as a local remedy for hot weather, it has become a celebrated icy dessert enjoyed by people throughout Japan.

    How to eat Nagasaki Milk Shake

    Nagasaki Milk Shake on wooden table and condiments on side

    Enjoying a “Nagasaki Milkshake” is a simple yet diverse experience. The ingredients typically include milk, eggs, sugar, and ice, but the exact recipe varies between different stores. The taste and texture of each milkshake depend on factors like the ingredient ratios, the presence of any secret elements, and the size of the crushed ice used. So, each place that serves this treat offers a unique version, making it an exciting and flavorful adventure to savor the distinct characteristics of Nagasaki’s milkshake.

    Nagasaki Milk Shake FAQ

    Opportunities and seasons for eating lessons

    When “Nagasaki Milkshake” first emerged, it was initially available only during the warmer seasons. As time passed, it evolved into a Nagasaki specialty, sought after by tourists and locals alike. Due to its simplicity, people often whip up and enjoy this delightful treat at home, making it a versatile and accessible option beyond just being a seasonal indulgence.

    What is the taste of Nagasaki Milkshake?

    The taste of Nagasaki Milkshake can vary depending on the specific recipe used by different shops or individuals. Generally, Nagasaki Milkshake is a sweet and refreshing frozen dessert. It typically includes ingredients like milk, eggs, sugar, and ice. The combination of these ingredients results in a creamy and slightly sweet flavor profile. The crushed ice contributes to the overall texture, giving it a frosty and smooth consistency.

    Nagasaki Milk Shake Recipe

    Nagasaki Milk Shake on checkered table cloth

    Nagasaki Milk Shake Ingredients

    Ingredients of Nagasaki Milk Shake for 2 personsMeasurements
    Egg yolk23g
    Sugar 25g
    Condensed milk14g
    Vanilla essence3g
    Cherries 30g
    Ice 150g

    How to make a Nagasaki Milk Shake?

    Prepare the mixture

    Put egg yolks, condensed milk, milk, sugar, and vanilla essence into a container and mix well.

    Crush the ice

    Put the ice in a blender and crush until it becomes smooth. 

    If you run the mixer too much, the ice will melt, so the trick is to stop when there is still some ice left.

    Top with cherries and serve

    Pour into a bowl and top with cherries.

    Where to buy Nagasaki Milk Shake?

    Japanese Cafe Shiramizu (和風喫茶 志らみず)

    Nagasaki milkshake from Japanese Cafe Shiramizu

    A sweets shop attached to the Japanese confectionery shop Hakusuido, which was founded in 1887 (Meiji 20). Popular items include Nagasaki’s unique milkshake that is eaten with a spoon and creamy shiratama balls filled with chewy shiratama balls.

    Address: 1-3 Aburayacho, Nagasaki City
    Phone number: 095-826-0145 (Hakusuido)
    Hours open: 11:00-16:30 (9:30-18:00 for confectionery shops)

    Nagasaki Milk Shake with box of tissue

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